HSL supplied and co-ordinated lighting and sound production and 40 crew covering all 10 arenas at Creamfields 2007 for producers Loudsound Events.

This, the largest Creamfields event to date featured a host of international DJ’s and bands including main stage double headliners Groove Armada and the Chemical Brothers, and was the second at their new site in Daresbury near Warrington.

t’s the 6th year that HSL has supplied technical production to theUK’s best known dance event. They brought ML Executives onboard as their audio partners to deal with all-things sonic, and all departments worked closely with event production manager Lee Charteris.

HSL’s on site co-ordinator was Ian Stevens, He collaborated with project manager Mike Oates who oversaw all the paperwork, advance logistics and prep.

Two dedicated HSL crew chiefs – Dave Jolly (chosen for his diplomatic dexterity) and Jonny Harper (picked for his great motivational skills in dealing with local crew) – were appointed, and they spent a whole week in the warehouse ahead of the get-in to ensure that the 6 trucks worth of lighting arrived on site fully prepped, tested and marked up for efficient deployment around the arenas.

“The Creamfields operation ran the smoothest yet for us this year” confirms Oates, “And that was due to the rigorous prep and fantastic teamwork by all crew on site”.

Oates also explained that a considerable effort went into designing different lighting schemes for each venue, each offering unique visual identities for the spaces.

Main Stage

The main stage lighting was looked after for HSL by Steven Abbiss . This outdoor stage was the site’s central hub, and featured incendiary performances from both Groove Armada and The Chemical Brothers.

HSL matched as many elements of both band’s lighting schemes as possible, and Groove Armada also contracted HSL separately to provide all their specials, including over 120 Element Labs VersaTUBE LED fixtures, built into 6 portable columns.

The main rig included 30 Robe ColorWash 1200E AT and 24 Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT moving light fixtures, 24 Martin Atomic strobes and colour scrollers, 14 linear 4-lites and 10 8-lites with scrollers, all arranged across a standard 4 truss festival design – of which HSL has had plenty of experience this action-packed summer.

The trussing was used conventional style for Groove Armada and then re-configured in the changeover into a V shape upstage of the Chemical Brother’s Element Labs Stealth video screen.

Groove Armada’s LD Jonny Gaskell used the house WholeHog II and Wing lighting console, while Chemical Brothers’ show director Ricardo Lorenzini brought in their own GrandMA console (their LD is Tom Lesh) on which he ran all lighting and visuals.

Catering for everyone’s aesthetic needs in this situation takes “Smart planning, and working out a good intermediate solution that fits within the designated budgets” affirms Oates.

Cream “Goodgreef” Arena

This was the largest of the tented venues and was run for HSL by Nathan Wan operating an Avolites Diamond 4 console.

A stonking line-up presented Carl Cox, Yousef, Ferry Corsten, Eddie Halliwell and many more, all lit by 30 Robe ColorWash 1200E AT and 24 Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 10 Atomics and 12 JTE PixelLine LED battens.

Three advance trusses were rigged out in the audience, attached to the king poles of the tent, and onstage, HSL supplied a 4-legged ground support system complete with 3 trusses at the back of stage. These were rigged with more Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs and PixelLines, offering a “wall of death” effect for anyone looking at the stage.

They elected to use the ground support because it was the easiest way to deal with the dramatic natural slope underneath the stage. The ground support could be constructed easily without the aid of any tele-handling equipment or specialist machines.


In here, while the punters were rocked by the likes of Erick Morillo and Harry Romera, Michael “Snoopy” Cooper operated the lighting using an Avolites Pearl 2004. He had 16 Robe ColorSpot 575 and 8 ColorWash 575E ATs at his disposal, 6 strobes and 4 Molefeys plus a host of generics and ACL bars.

There was a goal-post trussing at the back of stage with a screen in the centre, with various lights rigged around it. The audience was lit with front truss fixtures slung between the tent king poles.

Tidy Arena

The Tidy Crew’s lights were looked after by James Dixon using an Avolites Sapphire 2000.

The upstage trussing arrangement was a semi circle of A-type with a series of Robe ColorSpot 250E ATs and PixelLines. Further downstage, two trussing towers were loaded with more Robe ColorSpot 250s and 2 strings of ACLs, The front truss contained Robe ColorSpot 575E ATs.

Tidy also added their own truss of effects and additional lighting including Robe ColorWash 700E ATs.


HSL’s Sam Sutcliff was in control in here, using an Avo Pearl 2004.

The trussing was constructed as two interlocking ‘V’ shapes at the back of the stage, rigged with 8 Robe ColorSpot 575E ATs and a load of i-Pix Satellites pointing outwards, plus strobes dotted along the Vs. Two downstage towers at the stage ‘mouth’ had ColorSpot 575s perched on top and ACL bars clamped vertically to their sides, and the front truss yielded another barrage of Robe ColorWash and ColorSpot 575E ATs.


This was a new addition for 2007 and also included two live acts – New Young Pony Club and Ladytron, along with a raft of DJ’s. Helen Deely ran the lights using an Avo Pearl Expert. Onstage lighting consisted of a rear goalpost truss with a back wall of Moles and PixelLines.

Floor lights included 10 PARs, and 10 Robe 575E ATs – 6 Spots and 4 Washes, along with another four each of 575 Washes and Spots on the front truss and three bars of 6 creating a general stage wash.


Neil Scrivener held court here with his Pearl Expert, which was also driving a RADlite digital media server running content on the PixelLines.

The stage was defined by 4 vertical sections of pre-rigged trussing, each loaded up with 8 PixelLines and two Atomic strobes (all pre-built in the warehouse). In addition to these, there were six Robe ColorSpot 700E ATs on the floor and the top of the towers, plus a further eight 575 Washes and Spots on the front truss which was attached to the tent king poles.

The Residents Bar

The rig in this 30 x 15 metre tent was straightforward – 10 Martin MiniMacs, two StudioDue CityColor 1800 and two strobes – all operated by Ryan Hopkins using a Hog 1000 console.


Ooodles of glamour and extravagance was added in here this year with Hed Kandi contracted to run this space, complete with gorgeous lighting run by Dave Webb using a Zero 88 Frog 2.

Staged in a 90 by 40 metre Clearspan tent with a central truss right along the central roof spine, this was loaded up with 12 Robe ColorWash250E ATs, 18 PixelPARs, 24 Pulsar Chromashperes, 20 fifty degree Source Fours with breakup gobos and 7 Robe ColorSpot 700s.

Date of issue : 15th September 2007.

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