HSL supplied full lighting production for the Klaxons first incendiary full productionUKtour, which sold out in minutes off the back of the band’s stonking first album, “Myths of The Near Future”!

Lighting designer Mark Wynn-Edwards was delighted when HSL won the contract to supply the kit, as he’s worked with them on several events and projects in the past, “HSL has really excellent equipment, great crew and the right attitude – I am happy to work with them at every opportunity” he says.

The account was project managed by HSL’s Mike Oates, who states “it was hugely exciting working with a band like Klaxons – they have lots of energy and a real future ahead. Mark is also full of original and different ideas and is great fun to work with”.

Wynn-Edwards’ basic brief was to get away from anything looking too ravey – after which he was left to his own imaginative devices! He took advantage of the band’s predilection for unconventional lighting, opting for a heavily back-light and floor- based rig.

The other reason for having a lightshow that’s largely floor based was a practical one – they were playing a wide variety of venues, so the rig had to be adaptable, and look equally dynamic in a series of configurations.

He found that his heavy metal background and sensibilities make an interesting fusion with Klaxons, whilst far from embracing that genre musically, there were certain similarities in terms of energy levels, drama and general rockiness!

He wanted to use Robe moving lights as “It’s an excellent brand”. HSL also has an extensive stock, so he had a good choice.

The rig was based around a back truss and 6 vertical A-type trussing towers onstage – at varying heights of 8ft, 6ft and 4ft upstage to downstage. On top of each of these was a Robe ColorSpot 575E AT.

There were another 8 Robe CS 575E ATs on the back truss, stacked in two ‘V’ shapes.

The vertical towers are all up-lit with i-Pix Satellites which are tucked inside the trusses …. He used a total of 29 of these fixtures. They were also mounted on the back truss pointing towards the audience, with 8 more Satellites on four floor stands which were used to provide off-beat key lighting for the band. He was also the first to road test i-Pix’s brand spanking new LED Washlight fixtures – one at either side of stage …. making HSL the first hire company to put them out on a tour!

No Klaxons show would have been complete without some strobes and HSL supplied 2 Atomics, located around the drum kit.

The lighting picture was completed with two additional Robe ColorWash 575s on the floor at the back, pointing forwards for some low cross stage beams and ambience. For front lighting, Wynn-Edwards hooked into whatever the various house systems had to offer – to get a basic red and a blue wash.

He used anAvolitesDiamond 4 Elite console for control which has been a life saver with lots of programming to do and no rehearsal time!

Luckily he also negotiated a couple of extra days pre-tour programming at HSL that enabled him to get the basic show building blocks into the desk. This was a great help as he and tech Phil Shaw were really under pressure at the first gig inGlasgow, where a matinee show was squeezed in, followed by the regular evening performance.

The look and feel of the lighting mirrored the raw, jittery explosive energy of the band’s set – dramatic, lots of contrasty light and dark moments and a frenetic pace.

Date of issue : 23rd May 2007.

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