One of the fastest growing lighting rental companies in Europe, HSL of Blackburn, UK, has recently made a substantial investment in Martin Professional lighting equipment, a purchase that also marks HSL’s entry into the fast growing sector of LED video displays.

The initial investment, the largest one-off purchase in HSL’s history, includes MAC III Profile™, MAC 2000 Wash XB™, MAC 700 Profile™, MAC 700 Wash™ and MAC 101™ moving head fixtures, as well as LC Series™ 2140 and EC-20™ LED screens. That purchase was quickly followed up with a second investment in Martin EC-10 LED screens.

HSL Managing Director Simon Stuart commented on the investment, stating, “It’s great to renew our relationship with Martin, which we are sure will be positive and long term. We are boosting our already extensive moving light stock with the latest technology, and by adding large quantities of LED screen to the hire inventory, we can meet the increasing requirements of designs that also include ‘scenic’ and digital light sources as well as lighting.”

With 20 years in the industry and one of the largest warehouse facilities for lighting and video products in the UK, the new Martin kit gives HSL the ability to supply a complete visual package to any show, tour or event.

“We look forward to a long and successful relationship with HSL and are extremely happy to support their move into the world of video,” states Mike Walker, Sales Director at Martin UK. “HSL has a solid reputation as a top lighting rental company in our industry and after a thorough evaluation of their video options, we are pleased they have chosen the LC and EC series LED displays and view them as the same quality standard as our lighting fixtures.”

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