Leading UK lighting rental company HSL and automation specialist Kinesys recently collaborated to stage a 2-day Technical Training Workshop on Kinesys’ systems at HSL’s HQ in Blackburn, UK.

Designed to work as a 1 or a 2 day course to suit all levels of interest, the response was extremely positive, and all the places were filled predominantly with working riggers. Some also had lighting experience and were keen to further their knowledge of the system from a creative production angle so automation can be worked in to future visual designs.

HSL’s Mike Oates was delighted with the results. “We’ll definitely be running further Kinesys training in the future. The demand for knowledge is certainly there and we could have filled this course over again with no problem. I also feel very confident that I now have access to a pool of crew who understand the workings and capabilities of Kinesys for the many tours and events on which we use it. This was another reason we were keen to run the course”.

HSL has invested heavily in Kinesys over the last 3 years, and it is renowned as a well respected, high quality, industry standard brand.

The first day of the course covered general Technical Training elements including an overview of the basic Kinesys system, while Day 2 was dedicated to the philosophies and working of the Kinesys’ Vector control software, complete with practical sessions allowing attendees to get hands-on with the controllers in HSL’s large demo area.

Kinesys’ founder Dave Weatherhead led the training on both days, with Andy Hicks supporting the classroom sections and hands-on sessions on both days. Four complete systems were set up, each with four Kinesys motors, and one system also featured the Kinesys beam-trolley tracking system. The Kinesys team was completed by business development manager Mark de Gruyter.

In addition to the product range introduction and overview, other essential topics covered included the theory of electric motors, RCDs, emergency stops and communications. Detail on key products like the Elevation 1+ variable speed hoist controller and Smart 8 positioning fixed speed was also included. Other aspects covered included system interconnections, system building, troubleshooting and Vector control training, both in the classroom and hands on with moving trusses and trolleys.

The Kinesys team echoes the enthusiasm of Mike Oates, with de Gruyter commenting, “We’re aiming to run more courses in the future so more people can familiarise themselves with using the system and also interact and exchange ideas with other interested Kinesys users”.

Date of issue : 17th March 2010.

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