HSL supplied lighting and LED screens for the BT British Olympic Ball fundraiser event for Team GB, staged in the Grand Hall of Olympia, London, on October 7th 2011, working for producer Amanda Heathcote, CEO of Fireball.

HSL’s project manager Tim Fawkes and a crew of eight ensured that all lighting and scenic video designer Matt Pitman’s requirements were met for a spectacular evening in the company of Olympic champions, Team GB medal contenders and sports and entertainment stars and celebrities.

The format was a fundraising dinner for over 2,000 people, with live performances from Tinchy Stryder and Tom Jones. The evening was presented by actor Stephen Fry and comedienne Miranda Hart.

The eye-catching set, designed by Fireball and Invisible Blue featured two large scenic lion heads upstage left and right, flanking a central LED screen measuring 12 metres wide with a 7 metre drop, made up from 228 panels of Martin Professional EC-20. HSL has recently made a massive investment in this product range.

HSL supplied 20 Robe ColorBeam 700E AT moving lights positioned on floor and gallery level to illuminate the full length of the Great Hall’s magnificent glass arched roof.

For the main stage lighting, Matt specified 22 Martin Professional MAC 2K XBs, 34 MAC 3 Spots, two MAC 3 Performances, 20 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s and 8 Robe ColorWash 750AT Tungstens which were used for key lighting.

The catwalk linking the main and satellite stages was lit with 18 chrome Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWashes.

Upstage of the truss and scaffolding structure holding the lion heads in place were 50 active Sun Strips.

Other fixtures included a selection of generics including Moles and six Atomic strobes. Two Robert Juliat Lancelot follow spots were stationed at the gallery level for stage pick ups. The lighting picture was completed with four A&O Falcon 3Kw Flower effects, placed on the floor offstage left and right, beneath the lion heads.

Matt programmed and operated the lighting using a GrandMA2 Light – with content for the screens run via a Hippotizer media server.

At the opposite end of the hall was a cool and groovy party area hosted by Chinawhite, with decor in their signature white, which lent itself beautifully to being lit. This was achieved utilising 18 GLP Impression LED wash moving lights, rigged on the gallery pointing downwards, together with four Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs fitted with custom gobos.

On the floor in this area, 24 battery powered GDS LED up-lighters were dotted around.

The overall challenges included the short lead-time and the vast size of venue, making tasks like cable runs a lengthy process, but HSL engaged in some serious smart and efficient teamwork helping produce great results and a very successful event.

Tim comments, “We were all extremely proud to be involved in such a high profile and important event to support Team GB. It was very enjoyable working with everyone else on the technical production and be part of a great looking and highly entertaining show featuring Matt’s careful combination of lights and video elements”.

Amanda comments, “HSL were very generous in their sponsorship and provision of equipment and expertise. We could never have produced such a huge scale production for a fundraising event without this support. On top of all of this, they were an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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