Blackburn, UK based lighting rental company HSL supplied lighting equipment, a Kinesys automation system and crew to the final leg of Snow Patrol’s 2009 world tour, named “Snow Patrol Reworked”. This follows HSL’s servicing of all the band’s UK and European sections across the whole tour, which kicked off in January 09.

Mike Oates project managed for HSL, once again working closely with the tour’s LD Davy Sherwin, production manager Wob Roberts and tour manager Neil Mather. Mike Oates comments, “It’s been really interesting to see how Snow Patrol’s show has evolved and changed over the year. Each section has been unique and different, and of course it’s been excellent working with Wob, Davy and Neil again – they are a great team”.

Sherwin has been equally as happy working with HSL, commenting that “They absolutely rock” as an equipment supplier. Super-service with smiles has always been an HSL benchmark!

“Snow Patrol Reworked” was a departure from their standard 5 piece rock band set up, with 12 extra musicians onstage, bringing an orchestral feel to the show. These all had to be fitted into appropriate stage positions with due consideration for aspects like the separation needed between brass and strings etc., which was achieved with a series of risers.

The songs were all rearranged, so Davy Sherwin went back to the drawing board with his lighting design, and come out with a collection of completely new looks and ideas to accompany the new format. He programmed a total of 42 songs into his Hog 3 console, from which the band would choose the two and a half hours of material to be aired each night.

The main lighting fixtures in the rig were Vari*Lite 3000 Spots, which were used as specials and for plenty of gobo work; 12 of the new Robe ColorBeam 700E ATs, with their mega-bright pencil beams used to great effect on the larger scenes and Vari*Lite 1000s, which were used as elegant profile spots and key lighting.

HSL commissioned Touring Custom Products to build 6 x 2 and 3 ft mirrored rotating snowflakes which were hung from the back truss and used in the first half of the show. These looked particularly spectacular with light projected into them. In the second half, 6 x 2.5 metre wide Rosco screen columns were dropped down at the back onto which custom content was projected from a Catalyst media server, operated by Dave Lee using another Hog 3.

HSL’s other crew were – crew chief Johnny Harper, Kinesys operator Rupert Reynolds, lighting techs Tim Oliver, Rob Anderton and Production Rigger Jerry Hough.

Sherwin concludes, “As always the equipment was in immaculate condition, HSL paid much attention to all the details, and working with Mike Oates is always a great experience”.

Date of issue : 24th December 2009.

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