HSL’s busy summer continued with the supply of lighting, trussing, rigging and crew for the 10 day Motor Show Music Festival, staged each evening alongside the British International Motor show atLondon’s ExCel Centre.

The line up for the 7000 capacity purpose built arena featured a dynamic mix of bands including UB40, Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper, Blondie and others. The stage was also utilised 4 times a day by presenters, bands and Asimo the Robot for the Honda Dreamscape live shows.

Andy Liddle project managed the event for HSL and also created the production lighting design that was used by everyone appearing on the stage, co-ordinated with HSL’s account handlerMike Oates.

The stage was a 15 metre wide by 10 metre deep Star Events Vertech roofing system, which was sub hung with 7 trusses – 4 for lighting, 2 for scenics and one for a large LED screen utilised as a backdrop for the Honda show, that split and was tracked off into the wings for the concerts.

Liddle’s lighting design had to work for all bands appearing over the festival. Due to the short changeover time between Dreamscape and the concerts, there was no re-rigging of lights in-between shows, but the rig was re-gelled and refocused daily according to the incoming LD’s requests. Everyone also had programming slots the night before their shows, with all bands exceptthe Here & Now tour bringing their own designers/operators.

The primary moving lights were 48 Robe ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs, chosen for their reliability, toughness in outdoor environments and brightness for the daytime sections of the show. There were also 180 PARs, 4 Martin Professional MAC 2K Performances, 6 Atomic strobes, 8 i-Pix BB16 wash lights, 28 singe PAR cans to light the structure, wings and the branding and 12 floor PAR cans.Add paragraph text here.

Twelve Civil Aviation Authority red xenon beacons were positioned along the top of the structure for highlighting due to the site’s close proximity to London City Airport.

HSL also supplied 4 Robert Juliat Cyrano 2.5K HMI follow spots stationed at front-of-house, and 3 Robe DigitalSpot 5000DTs were added for projections during Squeeze’s show, spec’d by LD Daniel Bocking.

The ‘house’ desks were a WholeHog II and a wing, a Hog 3 and a wing and an Avolites Pearl 2004, with some visiting LDs hooking their own preferred desks into the system. Dimming was three 48-way Avolites ART 2000 racks.

One of the scenic trusses was loaded with a traveller containing black masking, that was run in behind Dreamscape’s 10 x 6 metre LED screen, and right upstage was a Hawthorne’s white stretch cyclorama.

Liddle worked alongside HSL crew members David “Robbo” Robinson and Andy “Ankle” Iliffe, who were joined for the get-in by Rupert Reynolds and Eugene Benavidez.

Mike Oates comments, “It was a great honour to work on this high profile event. The lighting department had a demanding gig and some very long days with all the programming sessions running through the night. Andy did a fantastic job of keeping everyone happy.”

The Music festival was production managed by Robbie Wilson of RWP, and the Honda Dreamscape events were production managed by Pat McBennett for the THA Group. Sound was supplied by Britannia Row and screens by CT.

Date of issue : 26th August 2008.

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