HSL supplied full lighting production including Robe and Vari*Lite moving lights, 32 3Kw A&O Falcon Beam searchlights and an 18-way Kinesys automation system – plus crew – for Snow Patrol’s amazing homecoming show at Ward Park in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The event was enjoyed by 30,000 enthusiastic fans and was the band’s finalUKappearance of their phenomenally successful, “Eyes Open” world tour which started last year.

HSL has supplied lighting for allUKand European legs of the tour including a festival rig throughout the summer. For Ward Park, the highly talented creative team of LD Davy Sherwin and visual designer Robin Haddow wanted something different and special, whilst at the same time being related to previous tour aesthetics.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

HSL’s project manager Mike Oates says, “As always, it’s been great working with Davy and Robin – their approach is unique and different and they always come up with original ideas that look stunning”.

The lighting rig was based on four straight trusses fitted into the StageCo roof.

The front truss bore 14 8-cell Moles and colour changers facing the audience, with 8 Source Four profiles for key lighting.

Four upstage/downstage trusses (two a side at different levels) were used for side lighting, each rigged with 6 Robe ColorWash 700E ATs and 3 Atomics, plus three 10-channel zip lights (an MR16 batten with each bulb individually wired).

Right upstage was an additional truss on the Kinesys system with 8 Falcon Beams, used for powerful back wash lights and searchlight effects. These were fitted with custom scrolls with special colours.

On the floor were 8 elegant 12 inch trussing towers, each with a VL3000 Spot on top, an Atomic with scroller and two 10-channel Zip lights. Another 12 ColorSpot 1200E ATs were strategically positioned on the floor

The PA wings were fully utilised as a lighting position, and rigged with 4 Falcon Beams per side flown, and another 3 per side at the bottom on the deck, all used for sweeping out into the crowd.

Out front, HSL supplied 3 Robert Juliat Cyrano follow spots.

Control-wise, two WholeHog 3 consoles sat at FOH – one utilised by Sherwin to run Snow Patrol’s show, and another to handle the 6 other acts on the bill which included fellow Northern Irish rockers, Ash. Sherwin had the additional pressure of also being local, complete with a host of eyes watching his own performance on the lighting desk!

Haddow used a WholeHog II console to control two Catalyst digital media servers running video content to the screens, and a PixelMAD system driving the Zip lights, creating all sorts of mad patterns and shapes.

The highly memorable show’s dynamic range was considerable, stark and raw in places, swinging from intensity and mood to many big anthemion moments – all of which rocked!

HSL fielded one of their A-teams for the crew, consisting of crew chief Jon Gallagher, Rob Starksfield, Jonny Harper, Mike Sheppard, Dave Jolly, Olli James and Tim Oliver, many of whom toured the previous year on Snow Patrol’s first arena tour. Mark Wade was part of the team as production rigger.

Mike Oates says, “It was important to have top crew on this as time was tight to install and get such a large and complex system up and running. Once again, our meticulous prepping system saved loads of time on site”.

HSL’s Rupert Reynolds operated the Kinesys system which also lifted and moved 6 Barco MiTrix video screens throughout the performance.

Davy Sherwin comments, “HSL really bent over backwards to ensure that the kit I wanted was made available and fitted in to the budget, and as always, provided really excellent service, kit and crew”.

Date of issue : 10th September 2007.

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