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HSL Update

An update from Simon Stuart

· HSL Group

To every Family Member of HSL, all our Customers, Suppliers, Asset Finance Companies, our Confidential Invoice Discounting company,  Bank ,and dearest  friends, I wish to thank you all for your continued belief and support in me and my company, during these dark days.
There have been periods of time, I found myself travelling to places that I never thought existed, and found myself confronting levels of despair beyond anything I’d ever encountered, and yet as I read your messages filled with love and support, it gave me more belief in myself to gather the strength and to look for ways to enable me to still be able to hold my head up high within the industry that I love with every breath in my body, and that you have  all allowed me to live cocooned within your protective embrace, in the past, the present and what I know will be the future.
Words will never be enough……to say what’s in my heart, but  thank you all…………I will continue within this incredible industry and I will be there for each and every one of you going forward, I promise.
Despite being in the dark place for a while now, I have found a match that will potentially light.
Having been to this place, I know now what it takes to get out of it, all I can say at this time if any of you find yourself spiralling towards the dark place, call me before you do anything, you’re still in control, but you must be honest and truthful with everyone, but know the rules of the game you are about to start playing, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved, and when you tell the world you will be granted clarity to see the solution.
I love you all so very much, even the ones that barely know me as a person at all, you have all played a part in this, and it won’t be forgotten.
So, please start to phone us again, so we can quote for any work you can give us, I’m confident we are going to have the ability to service your orders that we so greatly appreciate.  Your work will help us strengthen our position as we come out of this Dark period and move into the light once more.
My phone is always on, and if you need me, call,  Text or email me, I will be here for you all now and in the future..
God Bless

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