• We love a challenge!

  • Let's get creative...

    You provide the problem - we'll provide the solution

    Let's get crazy and creative...

    You provide the challenge - we'll provide the solution!


    Thinking Outside the box is something at which we excel

    Imagination and lively minds rules, and it's our job to make the client’s visions a reality. Over the years we have thought laterally at all junctures and delivered some pretty mad projects including lighting an underwater nightclub, delivering an opera in the middle of the desert and illuminating a television transmission tower!

    HSL has some of the most creative minds in the business PLUS the technical expertise to back it up.

    Go on - challenge us - It's what makes us tick...

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    Ben Perrin

    Project & Design Manager

    Simon Stuart

    Chief Hugger

    Andy Chatburn

    Project Manager

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